Ep. 67 – Our business strategy is to never say no to anyone! With Last Rites Co-Founder, Chris Cooper.

If you are a craft beer lover and have been to Hobart, you would most likely have visited one of the original craft beer hot spots on the waterfront, Preachers bar. That’s pretty much where Chris Cooper began his foray into the world of craft beer, as co-owner of that establishment.
With other friends and business partners, Chris continues to operate a number of venues and bottle shops, but maybe his crowning achievement was taking a chance on this thing called craft beer and opening the Last Rites Brewery.
That was 2015, and nearing on 5 years later, the start up brewery has grown to be one of the larger independent breweries in Tasmania.
Never ones to take themselves too seriously, Chris and his mates run their brewery with a real sense of fun, most visible in the naming of their beers. But don’t mistake that humour for not taking the business side of the operation seriously, these guys are running a very successful operation.
In this open and honest chat, Chris talks about the fun that he and his mates have had in opening the brewery, as well as some of the challenges. They recognise they had been coasting along in recent times, focusssing on other parts of the business, but it is now time to zero in on Last Rites with brand refresh and a new sense of vigour for pumping out great beer.

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