Ep. 68 – I’ve got a successful Brew Pub, but I didn’t get everything right from the start. With Nowhereman Brewing Co. Founder, Reece Wheadon

So it seems that the beer lovers of Western Australia really love their beer, and I mean REALLY REALLY love their beer. I reached out to my listeners recently about what they wanted to hear more of on the Beer Healer Interviews, and the WA message rang through loud and clear…”We want to know more about the WA breweries and the people behind them”.
My guest on this episode is Reece Weadon, the founder of an Urban Brewery in WA called Nowhereman. Reece was once the Director of WA Beer Week, but almost 3 years ago he jumped in to the craft beer game even deeper in opening up Nowhereman.
Nowhereman is not your basic brew pub, they are a lot of intricate details that go to make up the overall experience for their clientele, but I will let Reece explain.
In this episode we talk about:
  • some of the things he would have changed with his brew house, if he had the space;
  • how he might now create that space with renovation;
  • his advice for brew pub dreamers;
  • brewing collaboration beers with local venues;
  • how they brewed a lager from the start to take on Emu Export;
  • the importance of having great people around you; and
  • how the WA Craft Beer scene has changed.
Enjoy the episode!

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