Ep. 69 – A Story of Craft Beer Entrepreneurship. With Mason Ale Works Co-Founder, Grant Tondro.

Grant Tondro is the co-founder of the 3 Local Brothers Restaurant Group, who operate a whole bunch of food and beverage outlets throughout Southern California.
One of their venues is Mason Ale Works, a 15 barrel, or 18 hectolitre operation just North of San Diego, which is a craft beer hot spot in the USA. The Brewery is set inside an airplane hangar-like building that is home to a huge restaurant, a humongous bar, and an eight-lane bowling alley, with its own separate bar.
Grant sat in his car in Las Vegas to record this interview, how is that for dedication. He shared some many great stories and insights on being “all-in” on craft beer, including:
  • The story of their original brewer was faster at raising funds than them, and left to do his own thing before they could get started; but
  • How he helped them find his own replacement, who found his own replacement, who eventually stayed;
  • The open and honest feedback they got that changed their entire beer menu;
  • The plethora of collaboration options in San Diego; and
  • Beating the Mexican breweries at their own game with a beer that was actually a mistake.
Grant is a great story teller who was very generous with his time during the interview, and afterwards when our audio files got lost on the interwebs!

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