Ep. 71 – The Isolation Beer Festival…What Is It? With Moo Brew’s Dave McGill & Cryer Malt’s Jon Burridge.

It’s Sunday afternoon and I feel like a beer. Its been a big week working from home and as of tomorrow I have my dear children joining me…oh the joys.
It could be worse I guess, and I know there are many among us who are doing it pretty tough right now, and my heart goes out to you and your family. I’m not sure there is really much I can do to help, so I’m just trying to help take peoples minds off the shit stuff, even just for a half an hour or so while I tell stories on this podcast.
So, I decided that this afternoon I didn’t want to drink alone. Instead, I have invited a couple of my mates to join me…the man with the best bear in the Tassie beer industry (sorry Jimmy Anderson) who in the last 12 months broke the no IPA rule at Moo Brew, and also produced a Hazy as well…who can forget half Naked Dave McGill flipping his hair back in the water in their social media campaign.
And, joining him is the Tassie Beer scenes Frank Costello…look it up peeps…the guy that brings everyone together, despite differing opinions and agendas, all for the good of keeping the peace and creating an awesome indie beer scene in Tasmaina, Cryer Malts Jon Burridge.
Let’s crack those cans!!

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