Ep. 73 – Blowing Our Own Trumpets. With the OG’s of Tassie Craft Beer…Dave McGill, Owen Johnston, Michael Briggs, Will Tatchell & Jon Burridge,

It’s been a big weekend in Tassie with the Isolation Beer Festival running on social media.
This weekend we have been celebrating Tassie Independent Beer with the Tasmanian Isolation Beer Festival. Brewers have been sharing their knowledge, consumers have been lapping it up, and in return posting pictures of their favourite Tassie beers with the hashtag, #tasindibeer
And while this was set up to be a weekend long celebration, there is no reason why we cant use that hashtag forever, so get amongst it peeps and show the Tassie brewers some love.
Speaking of Tassie brewers, that’s why we are here on this Sunday afternoon, in what some have called the pinnacle, or the culmination of the festival. I have the 5 self-proclaimed OG’s of the Tassie Craft beer industry on the line to talk about…well…themselves.
Here to share stories form the past, beers from the now, and hopes and dreams for the future are Dave McGill from Moo Brew, Owen Johnston from HPA, Michael Briggs from Ironhouse and the two main organisers of the Isolation Beer Festival, Will Tatchell from Van Dieman Brewing and Jon Burridge from Cryer Malt.
And…there is a quiz to find out who is the smartest…each contestant giving up a large format, hard to find bottle from their collection to enter!
This was so much fun, hopefully you enjoy the banter and the chaos as much as we did!!

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