#Broadband Beers: Batch Brewing Company

More Virtual Beers…and bandwidth problems! I am back with another Broadband Beers…my way to connect with the craft brewing community in other states from the comfort of my lounge room. This week I am talking with a couple of my mates who just happen to be the owners of Batch Brewing Company in Marrickville, NSW. These…

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#Broadband Beers: Chris Sheehan, Malt Shovel Brewing

Virtual Beers Across The Interweb, Part 2! If this is your first experience with my latest idea, Broadband Beers…welcome, and let me explain (or if you have seen it before, skip through the blue text!). Living in Tasmania means that I am literally miles away from the craft beer hot spots of the world. Don’t…

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New Kid On The Block – The Hobart Brewing Company

Brewing Beer Is a Lifestyle Choice! Recently, Hobart Tasmania, celebrated the opening of a new craft brewery in the heart of the city…it was a very cold night, but us Hobartians are used to that! Situated on Hobart’s picturesque waterfront, in an area that has everything from a University Campus, to high end accommodation, a shipping…

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