Video Beer Review – Van Dieman Brewing Stacks Bluff

Video Beer Review – Van Dieman Brewing Stacks Bluff

Beer lovers…and now for something completely different!

Well, not really, its still another video beer review…but for many of you, you may not have ever tried this brew, or heard of this brewery! If that is the case, this could be one of the best beers you have never tried…so seek it out if you can!

This weeks beer is the Stacks Bluff Oatmeal Stout from Van Dieman Brewing Co. It’s an absolute ripping beer, as are the rest of their range. Brewer/Owner/Chief Of Staff, Will Tatchell helps out with this weeks review, so check it out below.

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Until next time, cheers to great beers you have never tasted, or heard of!

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