Ep. 115 – The many layers of Charlie. With Charlie Hodgson of Helios Brewing Company.

This chat with Charlie Hodgson goes in many different directions, he is a really interesting bloke.

I’ve heard…

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Ep. 114 – The Next Evolution of Batch Brewing Co. With Co-Founders, Christopher Sidwa and Andrew “Chuck” Fineran

Joining me on this episode are the two co-founders of Batch Brewing…Andrew Fineran, who joined me from Marrickville, and Chris Sidwa…

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Ep. 113 – Boats, Beaches and Beer. With Shelter Brewing Co’s Jason Credaro.

Im heading back out West for another great craft beer story, and I am bloody excited about it. It’s no secret that I love the WA beer…

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Ep. 112 – Intergalactic Love Sponge…WTF? With Justin Corbitt & Ned Bowring from Deeds Brewing.

This episode almost didn’t happen!

Recording proved to be a bit of a challenge, there were many technical…

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Ep. 111 – Brewing isn’t just for Sundays. With Sunday Road Brewing’s Brad Foster & Mick O’Rance.

This is another one of those episodes when I get to dive into a story about a brewery that I know very little about, Sunday Road…

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Ep. 110 – Get on the home brewed beers. Paying it forward with Brewbox Co-Founders and 4 Pine Pro-Brewers, Dylan Kelly & Henry Tier.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how “into” beer are you?

My guests on this podcast, Dylan Kelly and Henry Tier are…

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Ep. 109 – Time, Place & People. With Jester King Co-Founder, Jeffrey Stuffings.

I’m hoping that Jester King Brewery needs no introduction for you, listeners. But just in case, this is how they describe…

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Ep.108 – Craft Beer Musings & Lessons from the USA Market . With Allagash Brewing Marketing Director, Jeff Pillet-Shore

This chat with Allagash Brewing Marketing Director, Jeff Pillet-Shore was just what I was looking for to finish off the…

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Ep. 107 – The Pro, The Protégé & The Hack End of Year Special.

The Pro, Protégé & The Hackl Christmas Party is in full swing…one of us is hungover and the the other two clowns are half cut and…

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Ep. 106 – From zero, to the best beer in the world, in just six years. With Toppling Goliath Co-founder, Clark Lewey.

You have just gotta hear the story about Clark’s Chinese friend…it is epic!

In this episode, we head…

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