Ep. 98 – The Pro, The Protege & The Hack – We F%%kin’ Love IPA’s. Do You? With Dave Padden (Akasha) and Ben Miller (From Ben)

When you want to go deep on a topic you love, in this case IPA's, you want to talk about it with someone who also loves them and is…

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Ep. 97 – The craft beer Thor should have drunk in Avengers End Game! With Valhalla Brewing’s Scott Hunt.

The hall of Asgard is where Vikings go to drink with their mates in the after life…how cool is that!

What started out as a story of a guy…

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Ep. 96 – Uraidla? Uraidla? Where the f##k is Uraidla? With Uraidla Brewery Head Brewer, Oscar Matthews.

Uraidla? Where the f##k is Uraidla? That was the response from my mate when I told him I had Uraidla Brewery Head Brewer, Oscar Matthews on…

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Ep. 95 – It’s more than a logo change, we needed to develop a brand story. With Akasha Brewing’s, Dave Padden.

It's a pretty familiar story with craft breweries, there are only so many resources available and far too many jobs to be done. Often,…

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Ep. 94 – More Than Meets The Eye. With St. Andrews Beach Brewing’s, Tim Purchase.

Usually when I prepare for these interviews, I have a pretty good idea for what topics we will discuss, and know enough about my guest to…

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Ep. 93 – Brewing An All Together Beer – Supporting Melbourne’s Hospo Workers. With Brick Lane Brewing & Carwyn Cellars.

Hands up if you think that 2020 has been pretty shit?

I am with you, it sure has. But let's spare a thought for our friends in…

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Ep. 92 – Gypsy Brewing 101. Everything you need to know. With Shapeshifter Co-Founder, James McCall.

No fancy introduction to this one…I'm going to keep it simple.

If you have any interest in becoming a Gypsy Brewer, or want to kn…

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Ep. 91 – The story of 12 mates who wanted to start a brewery. With South Fremantle Brewing Co-founder, Graham Rigo.

Tell me if you have heard this story before, a bunch of Uni mates decide to home brew to “save money”. Sounds familiar? Well for…

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Ep. 90 – The Pro, The Protege & The Hack – Kettle Sours & Fruit Beers. With Dave Padden (Akasha) & Ben Miller (From Ben).

This episode is the usual mix of taking the piss, back slapping and little gems of info they that the Pro & Protege drop along the…

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Ep. 89 – Opening a Brewery in the 2nd Hardest Place in the World. With Great Leap Brewing Co-Founder Carl Setzer.

China…allegedly the second hardest place in the world to open a craft brewery and Carl Setzer from Great Leap Brewing said “Challenge…

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