Looking Back

Beer Advertising РSuper Bowl 

First up, if you want to be updated on my posts…sign up for an email on the right of this post! Okay, now down to business… I know that this is a blog focussing primarily on craft beer, but craft breweries don’t necessarily have the budget to do much in the space of TV advertising…

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Beer On The Big Island

One thing I love about travelling overseas is the exposure you get to new cultures, new places and new beers! In June 2012, we packed the family up for a Winter escape to Hawaii and while we were there I was lucky enough to spend a few hours sharing beers and stories with the boys…

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Healing my soul, one beer at a time.

I love the message in this picture, it sums up the world of beer for me… In the world of a million blogs, what makes this one different? Probably nothing, but it is going to help me get overt the fact that I now have a regular job and I am no longer one of…

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