Settling Down – The End of Craft Beer Promiscuity?

Craft Beer Promiscuity, When Will It End? Check out any of your favourite beer bloggers websites, or social media feeds, and you will most likely find them talking about the latest, hard to find, limited release beer from “ABC Brewery”. A barrel aged this, a naturally fermented that, or an over the top Quintuple IPA…

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Beer Chauffeurs Popping Craft Beer Cherries

Anyway, he is totally not interested in craft beer, so when he asked if he could come along with me I was surprised, but also recognised it as a chance to convert him to craft beer. As you would expect, there were no clear bottles of flavourless beer at the festival, just good pure craft…

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Today I got called a Beer Snob!

WTF? I am no Beer Snob…or am I? So, the other day I was having a beer with a few mates and was offered a beer…nothing special, just your average Mainstream Lager that any beer consumer would have drunk at some stage in their life. Anyway, I politely declined, preferring to reach into my own…

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