Bonus Bits: Australian Spontaneous Ales tasting and explanation with Van Dieman Brewing’s, Will Tatchell.

More bonus content for ya!
It seems that Wild Ales, blending and barrel ageing is a hot topic in craft beer right now. Names like Wildflower Brewing & Blending, Garage Project, Dollar Bill Brewing Pty Ltd, Jester King Brewery and Casey Brewing and Blending are on the tip of the tongues of the pointy end of the craft beer market.
Will Tatchell from Van Dieman Brewing released 3 Wild Ales this week. He calls them his Australian Spontaneous Ales, and they are made with a mix of local produce, local microbes and French oak casks.
I invited him on to this video chat to explain each of the beers, how they were made, what’s in them, and the various complex characteristics, as we drank them together!
Lovers of advanced brewing techniques, or magical beers, you will love this!

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