Ep. 102 – What’s this, a brewery or a boy band? With White Bay Brewing’s, Dennis DeBoer.

Everywhere you go in this craft beer industry, you meet people, have a chat, and very quickly realise that if you are also from the industry, there are about 3 degrees of separation between people. Everyone knows someone who has worked for the Goat, James Squire, Feral, Little Creatures or Matlida Bay.
In this case, we have a brewery on the Balmain Peninsula filled with people who have spent time at Balter, Modus Operandi, The Rocks, 4 Pines, Stone & Wood and Little Creatures. That sounds like a pretty good mix of experiences on which to base a new brewing venture. And so was born White Bay Brewing, co-founded by some well known names…the Tims, Condon & Fishwick, Adam Trippe-Smith, Jess Walker and my guest on this episode, Dennis DeBoer.
Joining White Bay after stints at Oskar Blues, Stone & Wood and Modus Operandi, you could say he has paid his dues and now it’s his time to shine at the front of this craft beer boy band, White Bay Brewing.

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