Ep. 104 – A new hop, new beers and advice on hops for home brewers. With Hop Products Audstralia’s Owen Johnston & Moo Brew’s Jack Viney.

In case you hadn’t heard, HPA has released a new hop they think is gonna be something pretty bloody special. It’s called Eclipse and it just might be the best hop since Galaxy…big call, hey!!
Anyway, with the release of the new hop I thought I would record an episode that not only gave you all a bit of background about the hop, but also advice on how to introduce it (or other new hops) into your brew shed.
In this episode, Owen talks about how brewers are spoiled for choice with hops these days, and if you are releasing a new hop like Eclipse you need to be able to impress a brewer enough to make them want to make a change to their hop bill…easier said than done!
Joining Owen on this episode is Moo Brew Head Brewer, Jack Viney, and he talks about the new beer he brewed with the new hop and offers his advice to home brewers.

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