Ep. 109 – Time, Place & People. With Jester King Co-Founder, Jeffrey Stuffings.

I’m hoping that Jester King Brewery needs no introduction for you, listeners. But just in case, this is how they describe themselves…
Jester King is a brewery, kitchen, farm & event hall on a beautiful 165 acre ranch in the Texas Hill Country. We make food & drink uniquely tied to a time, place & people. We’re a welcoming place for people of all ages to enjoy community, fun & hospitality in a very special setting.
Jester King is one of those game changing breweries that captures the imagination of the craft beer drinker, this one included. Even though I had never tried any of their beers, I still wanted to find out more about how this brewery came to be. Jeff was kind enough to jump on the interwebs with me and give me some of his time so that I could share his stories, wisdom and insights with you all.

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