Ep. 110 – Get on the home brewed beers. Paying it forward with Brewbox Co-Founders and 4 Pine Pro-Brewers, Dylan Kelly & Henry Tier.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how “into” beer are you?
My guests on this podcast, Dylan Kelly and Henry Tier are definitely 10/10. They are beer enthusiasts, who started home brewing, turned pro, and then started a business that aims to make it easier for more people to join the home brewing revolution.
Yep, these guys brew professionally for 4Pines during the day and in their “spare” time they are developing recipes, sending out brew kits and answering questions for home brewers across Australia with Brew Box.
I caught up with the boys recently to find out more about their plans to see how they planned to introduce more people to the joy of home brewing. Not a bad time to do it with people spending a lot more time at home, hey!!
While I had them, I also thought I would pick their brains on the benefits of working for a big brewer, how they got their start in the industry, and what advice they had for home brewers looking to follow in their footsteps.

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