Ep. 112 – Intergalactic Love Sponge…WTF? With Justin Corbitt & Ned Bowring from Deeds Brewing.

This episode almost didn’t happen!
Recording proved to be a bit of a challenge, there were many technical glitches, false starts, and times when we really weren’t sure if we were going to end up with any kind of finished product. But, we persevered, and I am so glad we did, cos this is a bloody fun chat. Many thanks to Ned and JC for working through the issues!!
In this episode we discuss:
  • hype beers and the challenge of naming and scheduling them,
  • what it meant to win 2020 brewer of the year,
  • Deeds’ new taproom and when that should be open,
  • how many grams per litre of hops is too much; and
  • MacGyver and 7 minute abs.
A fun interview with JC, and Ned on special comments!!! 😉

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