Ep. 113 – Boats, Beaches and Beer. With Shelter Brewing Co’s Jason Credaro.

Im heading back out West for another great craft beer story, and I am bloody excited about it. It’s no secret that I love the WA beer scene, the beers are awesome, the people even better, and the fans are amazing…I’m talking to you Perth Beer Snobs and South West Craft beer Bogans…thanks for your support
The left side of the country is big and brown, perfect for growing grapes. I know, I know, this is a beer podcast, but I felt like that was a great segue for me to introduce my guest for this evening. His name is Jason Credaro and comes from a long line of viticulturists, wine makers for the uneducated few among you. But a trip to Oktoberfest kind of threw a spanner in the works of chasing the dream of working with grapes, he decided he’d rather switch to hops!
Shunned by the family, he then set out to follow his dream. With stints at Billabong Brewing and Little Creatures, Blue Mile and Brick Lane, and even a recent stink in South Korea with AB-Inbev he has certainly paid his dues and built up a pretty handy set of skills. There’s a bit in this story, what are you waiting for? Get into it!

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