Ep. 115 – The many layers of Charlie. With Charlie Hodgson of Helios Brewing Company.

This chat with Charlie Hodgson goes in many different directions, he is a really interesting bloke.
I’ve heard from real journalists that using silence in an interview can be a very powerful tool to get people to open up to you. On this episode, the 6 second delay that Charlie and I had to navigate was the silence that allowed Charlie to just open up and talk about his career, both the good and the bad.
This is a story of a guy who has experienced many high’s in his careers, he has won awards for his beers in the past, and now he is part of building something really special at Helios. But it is also a great example that success from working yourself to the bone can affect the rest of your life, and on this episode, Charlie was brave enough to share some of that with me. Thanks to Charlie for opening up on this one, it was really interesting to hear his experiences.
Thankfully for him, it looks like Charlie is back on track doing what he does best. The beers coming out of Helios are fantastic, AND, they are brewed in probably the most environmentally sustainable fashion in the industry! Great stuff!!
I’ll stop typing, just have a listen!

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