Ep. 118 – Full flavoured, 0.0% craft beer, really? With Hairless Dog Co-Founder, Paul Pirner.

What if I told you that not all non-alcoholic beers are created the same…some even taste great!
In a world where the focus on self care and wellness is increasing, there are product of all shapes and size popping up to capitalise on a consumer market that is very quickly expanding. One such product is that of non alcoholic craft beer. I’m not talking about that watery crap that Carlton or Heinken serve up, or the Holsten ones you can buy in the supermarket. I am talking about full flavoured, full bodied beer that is hard to distinguish from its higher abv cousins.
I’ve been seeing a lot of discussion about non-alcoholic beer on the socials of late, so I invited Hairless Dog Brewing co-founder, Paul Pirner, to tell the story of Americas first exclusively 0.0% Non Alcoholic brewery.

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