Ep. 119 – What’s next for the Sunny Coast’s “Overnight Success”? With Your Mates Brewing Co-founder, Christen McGarry.

I think everyone is aware of how Your Mates Brewing, the “Overnight Success”, rose to prominence in the Hottest 100 beers a few years ago. The two boys from the Sunny Coast, Matt and Christen, were all of a sudden the next big thing in craft beer, but also a bit of a target for ridicule and jealousy.
Whichever point of view you have on how Larry surprised the industry, you have to admire the lads for how they have continued to work their butts off to build the Your Mates business. Now the boys have outgrown their current digs and are looking to develop a new site to introduce Larry, Macca, Sally, Eddie, and their other mates to the beer drinking public.
My sleepy little hometown of Hobart is once again alive, welcoming back tourists and it is great to see. One such tourist decided to take time out from his visit with his wife to sit down with me for a chat. A chat that has been in the works for a while, as we waited for Your Mates to have some new news to share…now is the time. Joining me on this episode, and live in studio, one half of Your Mates Brewing, Christen McGarry.

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