Ep. 120 – I make beer, run the factory, and unclog the toilet! With Mountain Culture’s “Man of Many Talents”, DJ McCready

I was pretty fortunate to be able to get DJ on as a guest, and as they say good things come to those who wait. Dj and his wife, Harriet, have been so busy with their little brew pub in the Blue Mountains, as it takes the Aussie craft beer world by storm!
In a little over 12 months, the brew pub concept that was designed to give DJ and Harriet the work life balance they craved by moving out of the hustle and bustle of Sydney, has kind of gone gang busters. During Covid they pivoted online and craft beer drinkers lost their minds over their regular limited releases, so much so that they now have to build another brewery to keep up with demand!
DJ joined me for a chat, in between pouring concrete slabs, as the new brewery build is in full swing. Even with all this extra stress in his life, his passion for his craft rings true in this chat.

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