Ep. 122 – The Pro, The Protegé & The Hack: Part 2 of our Christmas Special…in May!

It’s only been six months since I last got together with the lads, Dave Padden and Ben Miller, for a chat about all things brewing. Where did the time go? What have the boys been up to? And could I find the remaining listener questions to ask the lads?
Well, it was a challenge, but we managed to get through it, and here it is. Part 2 of our listener question fuelled Christmas Special, and it was a hell of a lot of fun, so we won’t take so long to record again.
In this episode we talk about
  • The recent changes to excise
  • Lactose in beer
  • Finding faults in your home brew
  • How fresh hops have changed the game
  • And how Dave has some barrels in his car park now!
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