Ep. 125 – I can’t believe it’s not alcoholic. With Upflow Brewing’s Chris Menichelli

This non alcoholic beer craze seems to be gaining momentum. Carlton Zero is being seen in the AFL as a major sponsor, Heineken is all over our TV screens and in Europe it seems that some soccer stadiums are going dry and punters will be watch the ball go in to the back of the auld onion bag while sipping on a beer that won’t make them bash on with their opposing supporters.
As Bob Dylan once said, times they are a changing.
In Australia, the big boys are leading the charge with Non-Alc options under both Domestic and International brands. Not wanting to leave it all to the big boys, we are also starting to see craft beer lovers have options as well. One such option is Upflow Brewing, under the guidance of Slow Beer’s Chris Menichelli.
It was going to take a lot of convincing for me to get on board the Non-Alc train, so I bought myself a four ack and sat down for a really interesting chat with Chris.
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