Ep. 126 – Let’s start the conversation…with Crack The Ceiling podcasters, Lindsy Greig & Tif Waldron.

This episode is all about starting the conversation about listening, respecting and treating everyone in the same manner.
The craft beer industry has been shaken up recently, and with good reason. The social media posts from here and abroad, and articles published on the Crafty Pint and other sites, highlighting the way that our female colleagues in the industry have been treated now and in the past got me thinking. Can I, should I do something to help with this podcast of mine and not only celebrate the good stuff, but highlight the other issues we need to have a conversation about. The answer is yes, so here we are.
As you will hear on this episode, I got off to a little bit of a rough start, but we got there in the end…we had a conversation.
Thank you to Lindsy & Tif for joining me on this episode, I really hope this helps the cause.
If you want to hear more from Linds & TIf, check out their new podcast, Crack The Ceiling.
Want to help spread the craft beer gospel?

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