Ep. 127 – Catchment x Moon Pirate = Worlds First Crypto Currency Beer. With Catchment Brewing CEO, Matt Newberry

So, what do you know about the world of crypto currency? For me it’s not much, but I also know that if someone asked me what is a natural partnership for craft beer, there would be maybe 100 things I would mention before crypto currency came out of my mouth.
But, with crypto currency hitting the mainstream in recent months, (I know this cos my taxi driver was giving me a lesson in it recently), maybe a craft beer crypto currency collaboration ain’t as strange as it seems.
Enter Catchment Brewing and their Crypto Currency brewing partner Moon Pirate, with the world’s first ever Crypto Currency beer.
Sound interesting? Well tune in and have a listen to Catchment Brewing CEO, Matt Newberry, explain it all, and more!
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