Ep. 129 – Let’s Play Six Degrees of Stirling Howland. With the Balter Brewing Co-Founder & Elvis Impersonator.

If you are a craft beer fan, I reckon you would know the name Stirling Howland, or at least have seen his face. He is the co-founding Brand Director for Balter Brewing Company, a brand that continues to dominate the craft beer scene in Australia.
As a fellow marketer, I look up to this bloke, because he is one of the most talented marketers I have met in my career. As a beer lover, I am insanely jealous of what he gets to do and call it work. He does it so damn well, and it always looks like great fun. I’m sure there are serious times, but what I see in his videos makes it look like a constant good time with mates.
Forgive me if this one isn’t all about beer, but there were some other things I wanted to cover with Stirl, including:
  • His partner in film, Mike Calvino;
  • The art of story telling and how it moves him;
  • Why Balter bucked the trend in selling to CUB;
  • Blue cheese, Dorito’s and Purple tinnies;
  • Influencer marketing; and
  • Getting a bit serious, checking in on each other.
I thoroughly enjoyed this chat with Stirl, he really opened up and I just got to sit back and enjoy the show!
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