Ep. 132 – That’s What Friends Are For. With Bracket Brewing Co-Founder, Mike Meletopoulo

This episode is all about relationships. Mike has worked his way around the industry and made a lot of friends. One of his friends, Krish Fotedar (@Titanstins) introduced Mike to me and we quickly realised that we knew a few of the same people from around the Sydney brewing scene.
Mike has worked for Batch Brewing, Archie Rose Distilling, Beer Cartel, and Stewart Brewing and Edinburgh Beer Factory in Scotland…he’s paid his dues! Sometime before Covid smashed us, Mike and his Dad, Mark decided to jump in the deep end and start Bracket Brewing in Alexandria, just on the southern outskirts of Sydney. With many friends in and around the area, Mike has leaned on them to help him through some tough times and has come out the other side with a nice range of ever-changing beers that are starting to make people sit up and take notice.
If you haven’t heard of Bracket Brewing, listen up, cos Mike is a ripping guest. And if you haven’t tried their beers, you can order them here…they are also awesome.
And if you want to see the Chuffed Song, check it out here!
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