Ep. 133 – The Best Beard In The South. With Deep South Brewing Co-Founder, Dave MacGill.

The Beer Healer is Live and on the road for this episode, which is great fun but provides a few little challenges, as you will hear!
There is a new venue in Tasmania, and it is getting people a little bit excited. Why? Well, it’s been a while in the making, and as the building took shape, it has piqued peoples interest. I have even heard the words, Destination Venue being thrown around…okay, that was actually me using that term! Anyway, I’ve been to a few breweries in my life, and I have to say that Deep South Brewing, a few minutes walk from Hobart’s CBD, is right up there.
For the most part, the trend in recent years has been to keep it pretty simple with taprooms at new breweries…concentrate on producing great beer, get creative in building a bar to save some cash, and feed the patrons with a food truck. Not Deep South Brewing, the place is schmick…12 taps of beer from the brewery, and a few friends, a serious wine list and the food…well, it’s bloody delicious.
This new venue is the brainchild of a few Tassie mates, and one of them happens to be an OG of the Tassie Brewing scene, ex Moo Brew (twice) and Temple Head Brewer, Dave McGill, who joins me for this episode!
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