Ep. 134 – Straight 8’s, Heartbreaks & New Beginnings. With Grassy Knoll Brewing Co-Founder, Jeff Argent.

Way back in 2018, when times were a little simpler, a couple of musicians from Bondi decided they would do that little Aussie thing we call “having a crack” and decided they would start their own brewing company. Wanting to acknowledge their ties to their local community and capture the vibe of one of the most iconic beaches in not just Australia, but the world, the lads decided to name their new venture after the old Grassy Knoll at the North end of Bondi Beach.
That’s the first part of the story, but as I dived into this chat with co-founder, and head brewer, Jeff Argent, I just kept uncovering more and more. I won’t spoil it for you, but this one goes pretty deep.
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