Ep. 135 – Have you heard this beore? Two mates start a brewery? You have? Well, this story is different! With Jetty Road Brewery Co-Founder, Blake Bowden

Tell me if you’ve heard this before…two mates go to Oktoberfest and dream of starting a brewery. A pretty common occurrence, but not too many take it seriously once the hangover has cleared. Blake and Grant had a dream, and a bit of a plan, but I bet neither of them had any idea of what the journey would hold for them.
Try to keep up with the pace in this one as Blake openly shares the ups and downs, twists and turns of this coming of age tale of a couple of lads from Dromana. Along the way, they add business partners, buy some stainless, face covid uncertainties, and find a couple of investors in the form of Mighty Craft who believe they could one day be a national brand.
I look forward to having a beer with Blake one day, cos drinking an IIPA with him over Zoom wasn’t enough…even if he was shouting the beers!
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