Ep. 136 – We’ve Got Something For Everyone. With Bodriggy Brewing Co-Founder, Pete Walsh.

In case you hadn’t noticed, just Northeast of the Melbourne CBD, there is a craft beer community to rival any of the other hot spots around the country. At the intersection of Abbotsford and Collingwood is no less than 6 breweries all within a 2 kilometre radius. And even better, they are all producing amazing beers!
One of those such breweries is Bodriggy Brewing Co, and I have been a fan since I got a can of the High Binder American Pale Ale in a beer swap a few years ago. Since then, anytime I saw a can with that unique branding on it, I was keen to try it.
So after a bit of pestering, I managed to snag the co-founder, Pete Walsh for a bit of a chat and this one goes in all sorts of directions…skating, food, OG status claims and of course, great beer!
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