Ep. 136 – Wind Him Up & Let Him Go! With Hawkers Beer CEO & Founder, Mazen Hajjar.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…this one could go anywhere! And it did!
Chats with Mazen Hajjar are a lot of fun for me! He is smart, opinionated, funny, and never going to leave you to die wondering where he stands on an issue…makes for great podcasting!
In this episode, we discuss everything from how he used the Covid interruption to take a deep dive into his business and make some big changes, to his thoughts on why he doesn’t feel the need to jump on board the Haze Craze, and how he wants to use storytelling (one of my passions) to help drive his business forward.
These chats are about a love of beer, going off on tangents, and just having a great chin wag! I enjoy them immensely, and I hope you do to.
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