Ep. 137 – Willingly Forced Into the Magical World of Wild Ales. With Black Arts Beer’s, Josh & Chelsie.

That’s how Black Arts Brand Manager Chelsie Mew describes her introduction to Wild Ales with her husband, Head Brewer, Josh Murnane. That was a few years ago, and she must have loved it because now this dynamic duo throws everything into their brewing and blending operation. Well, that is, in between building a house, working in their regular jobs, and navigating yet another Melbourne lockdown.
Chelsie and Josh are such a fun couple, and in this chat, we dive in and out of a whole bunch of topics:
  • Josh’s technique for blending
  • The power of Chelsie’s “Punters Palate”
  • The opportunities to tell great stories within the magical world of wild ales
  • And, the power of a peer review system that doubles as an exclusive beer club!
All of this and Josh dumbs down the art of blending to help me understand some of the magic!
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