Ep 139 – Big Blokes With Pints of Pink Beer.Celebrating 5 Years @ Carrum Downs With Dan, Todd & Mark from Dainton Brewery

When a few sample tinnies of D5 turned up from Todd at Dainton, it jogged my memory that I hadn’t had the team on the podcast. I’m hopeless like that, I need an assistant to help me plan out the year – otherwise, I am like Dory from Finding Nemo…”a shiny guest over here, great let’s chat”…forgetting that I had been arranging a chat for weeks with someone else. For that, I am sorry Dainton, but you made up for it by having 3 of you jump in for this chat!
Yep, on this episode, we have Founder, Dan Dainton, Head of Sales, Todd Barac, and Brewer, Mark Schipano.
Oh yeah, and back to the D5, that beer was brewed to celebrate the 5 year anniversary of the brewery at Carrum Downs. In case you didn’t know, Dainton has been around a few years longer than that, but I’ll let you listen and find out more about it!
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