Ep. 142 – Call me the King of the Mountain! With King River Brewing’s, Nathan Munt.

This conversation started months ago at GABS festival in Melbourne. Right before I made a quick escape as the city went into its 50th lockdown, I met a bloke by the name of Nathan Munt and he was peddling some pretty cool beers at his 3×3 in Geoffs Shed. If I remember correctly, it was his Barrel Aged Belgian Tripel that I tasted that day, which was delicious, and I made a mental note that I needed to get him on the podcast.
Fast forward 6 months or so, Melbourne is finally out of that lockdown and things are racing ahead, and that mental note has come back to the surface…buried by many beers back at GABS, and clearly forgotten by me until I saw something pop up in my Insta feed to remind me. Seriously, I need a personal assistant to help me keep track of potential guests.
But anyhooo, we made it in the end and I was really keen to hear more about Nathans brewery, King River Brewing, situated in the Victorian High Country, where, the air is clean, the food is amazing, the people are welcoming and the beer is fresh.
So finally, here is our chat!
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