Ep. 147 – Craft Beer’s “Will Smith” introduces us to Rodney the AI2PA. With Barossa Valley Brewing’s Co-Founder, Denham D’Silva.

It was gonna take a special guest to get me to put down my beer, change out of my boardies and get back into the studio…that person is Denham D’Silva from Barossa Valley Brewing.
This bloke is an energetic and charismatic craft beer lover who started his journey back in the 90’s in the USA. Fast forward 30 years and he has experienced all the ups and the downs that this industry can throw at you…and he stuck with it.
In this interview, he shares his latest ideas: an app called Agora and a beer he co-designed with the amazing team at the Australian Institute for Machine Learning. They collaborated to create a neural network that developed the recipe for “Rodney” the A2IPA.
Artificial Intelligence and Craft Beer…is it the future, well let’s see what Craft Beer’s “Will Smith” has to say about it!
Enjoy the chat!
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