Ep. 148 – Grab a Chair, Mead School Is In Session. With Erosion Meadery Founder, Sean Johnson.

An old mate of mine used to say, “every day is a school day”, and this episode proved it to me once again.
On this episode, I have invited Sean Johnson, mead maker at Erosion Meadery and Brewery in Western Australia, to give us a crash course in Mead, Mead 101 if you like
Until I did this interview, I had absolutely no clue about Mead. How about you? To be honest I thought it was just something the Knights of the Round Table drank, because beer hadn’t been invented. But then I think I saw them drinking it in that documentary about dragons, Game of Thrones, so thought it must be real! And you know what, it bloody is!!!
But don’t listen to me, I am obviously an idiot! But this idiot learned a lot in this episode, and got to taste a few a-grade meads!
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