Ep. 150 – What Do You Do When Your Reality Exceeds Your Dreams? With Margaret River Brewhouse Co-Founder, Aaron Brown.

150 Episodes…Whaaat? How did that happen?
When I finished the episode with Aaron, I thanked him for his open and honest chat, and for shedding a light on the other side of starting a brewhouse…the food. Often on these podcasts, we focus on the beer, because that is what we all love. But we also love food, and for brewpubs, you aren’t going to be too successful if you can’t serve both.
So anyway, that’s a long way of saying this chat was really interesting to me and a bit of a breath of fresh air. This is the story of the Margaret River Brewhouse, a little place 3 hours south of Perth in the middle of some of the most breathtaking scenery in this country. It’s a story of 3 guys and their partners who had a dream and how they navigated their way through the tough times, the successes, and the decision of what to do once they had achieved the goal the 3 of them set out when they started.
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