Ep. 152 – It’s A Family Affair. With Seven Mile Brewing’s Head Brewer, Matt Wilson.

The Northern NSW region has a deep brewing history…it’s the birthplace of a little brewery called Stone and Wood, you might have heard it? But a few minutes south of that brewery, in Balina, is another one that has now been kicking around for about 4 or 5 years, Seven Mile Brewing…have you heard of that one?
Started by a father and son duo in 2017, this is a truly family-run brewery, which sounds totally awesome, buuuut may have also been a bit tricky at times…we get to that!
This is a great chat with Matt, where he opens up about how Stone & Wood came to his rescue one time, what he learned from his time with Dave Padden, how 4 Pines helped him understand the business, and some of the personal challenges he has faced along the way.
A ripper of a chat!
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