Ep. 75 – #DontDrinkAlone. With Cheeky Monkey Brewing Head of Brewing Operations, Brett Newman.

I am not sure what fascinates me about the West Australian beer scene, I mean we couldn’t be further apart, and I haven’t had the pleasure of trying many of the beers coming from the breweries over there, but still I chase them to jump onto the podcast and tell their story.
Case in point, Cheeky Monkey Brewing Co…these guys have been around quite a few years and have an interesting history, and I have been pestering them for a little while to jump on and this week they relented!
I was drinking a Cheeky Monkey Pale Ale a few weeks ago and was looking at the bright blue can in my hands that looks nothing like the original cans you guys released, and is in fact a second or third brand refresh for the brewery and I thought to myself…these guys have a story to tell!!
So, to tell me all about their history, their future, and the situation they currently find themselves I asked Cheeky Monkey Head of Brewing Operations, Brett Newman, to join me for a chat.

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