Ep. 76 – Two Scoops In One Interview! With Deep Creek Brewing NZ’s Co-Founder Scott Taylor.

Maybe I am starting to get better at this with my hard hitting style of journalism, because in this interview I manager to extract two exclusive pieces of information from Scott Taylor. Well, ok, he basically just let them slip, but I will claim it!
Waaaaay back in episode 6, Scott Taylor from Deep Cree Brewing onto a very dodgy internet connection with me and did a really nice thing for me as a beginner podcaster, he gave me some of his time to tell his great craft beer story. Since that interview, Deep Creek has gone on to win Champion Medium International Brewery at the 2019 Australian International Beer Awards…now I don’t want to claim any part of their winning that trophy, but it does take a team to win championships as I have heard this week in the Netflix series on the Chicago Bulls.
I was taking a look back at the previous guests of the show this week and shooting out a few emails to check in on people and I thought it would be great to see how Scott and the Deep Creek lads have been going, and he agreed to come back for another chat!

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