Ep. 77 – A Warts & All Brew Pub Story. With Shambles Brewery Co-Founder & Head Brewer Cornel Ianculovici

If you love a good Home Brew to Pro story, then the story of how Cornel started Shambles will be right in your wheel house!
He goes deep on this one, letting us all in on
  • how his most popular beer started life as a mistake made when commissioning the brewery;
  • how his business plan and his spreadsheets never included a plan for a core range, and how that was very quickly changed;
  • and why he loves “big boy” cans, buying another 200,000 of them to fill with his amazing brews.
Settle in for this one, it goes a bit longer than the normal episodes, but when you get someone who is so willing to share their experiences, i figure you just let them go for it!

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