Ep. 79 – Surviving Bushfires & Covid-19 in our first year. With Sanctus Brewing Head Brewer, Banjo Hillier.

It’s been a Baptism of Fire (no pun intended) for Sanctus Brewing. They are yet to celebrate their first birthday and they have already experienced devastating bushfires and a worldwide pandemic. Many would have folded under such pressure, but not Head Brewer Banjo Hillier…he is just getting on with all of his jobs, from handyman to gardener and of course brewer!
Banjo was originally a winemaker, but found himself eventually using those skills as a brewer, and by what I have tasted, he made the right choice!
In this episode, Banjo and I chat about:
· Which profession allowed him more creative freedom, wine making or brewing;
· How being in a tourist hot spot made him tweak his beer line-up to suit all-comers;
· How the Sanctus owners installed a CNC robot farmer on the site; and
· How brewing beer wasn’t enough of a challenge, so he installed a still as well.
This is a great chat with an absolutely ripping bloke!!
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