Ep. 80 – Building A Dream Brewery. With Brick Lane Head Brewer Jon Seltlin and Managing Director Paul, Bowker.

Well it’s not every day you get to speak to the Managing Director and Head Brewer of a brewery, but I guess that just speaks to how generous Brick Lane Brewing are with their time and resources.
There is so much I didn’t know about Brick Lane before this chat, and both gents were really open and honest with how their brewery got up and running, and operates today.
In this episode we talk about:
· Their initial beers that lived in brown bottles and were brewed under contract at Hawkers;
· How they don’t shy away from having celebrity investors;
· Why they weren’t afraid to go head on into a crowded mainstream friendly market and back themselves to build a BIG brewery; and
· How they help other local brewers with getting started and using their resources to improve their beer.
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