Ep. 81 – Story time with an OG Brewer. With Good George Brewing Co-Founder, Brian Watson.

So this episode got off to kind of a rough start, but the mistake I made in calling Brian Watson, Brian Hamilton was actually a blessing in disguise. Why? Well, because I had his name wrong (the Good George Brewery is in Hamilton, hence my error), my research didn’t turn yup much about his friggen amazing career…this guy is an OG, right up there with names like Dave Bonighton, Brad Rogers, Phil Sexton, Ross Jurisich, Brendan Varis, Jamie Cook, Chuck Hahn and so on…
So yeah, I enjoyed discovering more about Brians adventures, just like I hope you will…in fact, I enjoyed it so much I may just have to invite him back for more story time!
We of course talk a lot about the Good George Brewery story, but in typical Beer Healer Interviews style, there are a few detours and we cover a lot of ground covered in this 45 minute session, including:
  • His link to a few of my home town breweries;
  • His experience as an international beer judge and brewery commissioner;
  • Being invited to Russian Rivers birthday party;
  • Launching Vonu in Fiji;
  • His infamous Squealers that exploded on supermarket shelves; and
  • Making Covid whisky from returned beer kegs
I really enjoyed this chat, and look forward to the next one!

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