Ep. 83 – How to Avoid Getting Stuck In The Valley of Death. With Ballistic Brewing Head Brewer, Lachy Crothers.

In case you didn’t notice, our craft beer scene in Australia is maturing quickly. We are well past our formative years, made a few mistakes as we great up and now I think we are in a bit of an adolescent phase. We are finding out who we are, what we stand for and are forging our own identity.
The same can be said for many craft breweries around the nation…you get into your 4th, 5th & 6th year of operation and you have settled on your business model, your beer range is cemented, and you know what does and doesn’t make you money…it’s time to take a look inside and make some tweaks to make sure you are heading toward your long term goal.
Case in point, Ballistic Beer, you know them, the brewery with the cool keg bomb logo? Well these guys have hit that point in their evolution where there are many things to consider if they want to continue to grow their business…something that I want to know more about.
In this episode, Head Brewer Lachy Crothes, talks about breweries around their size can get caught in the “Valley of Death” and what Ballistic has been doing to avoid it…a brand refresh, new venues, working with a partner and pumping out amazing beers.
This episode is a little longer, but as you will hear, Lachy tells a great story.
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