Ep. 85 – How To Buy Someone Else’s Brewery And Make It Your Own. With Fox Friday Co-Owner, Benn Hooper.

The Tasmanian beer scene was a little slower that other states to get on board with the craft beer idea, but in recent years the number of small breweries in the state has increased. As they say in the classics, a rising lifts all boats, and as brewers around the state have increased their brewing knowledge, the whole industry has benefited. And now, Tasmanian breweries are producing some world class beer, and utilising the amazing natural resources available in the state.
A few years ago, a small brewery popped up in Hobart’s Northern suburbs, it was called Fox Friday and was run part time by a husband and wife duo. Unfortunately for those two individuals, it didn’t work out for them. But, with every cloud there is a silver lining and a couple of Western Australians, by way of Houston, Thailand and Singapore decided they would purchase the brewery as-is and make it their own.
This is the story of how Ben and Sarah Hooper took a brewery, and the brand they inherited with it, and transformed it from being just another craft beer brand into what my be the new hype leader in the Tasmanian market.
In this episode, Ben and I talk about:
  • How they made the Fox Friday brand their own
  • How Covid-19 has allowed them the time to build their online store, and how that is a key part of their strategy moving forward…weekly online releases!
  • Some of the amazing breweries he learned from while living in Houston, and how their dreams of starting a brewery there were dashed
  • How you don’t use a farm cube on the back of a ute when you need to transport your beer get it into cans without a canning line
  • Building the hype! How Fox Friday is ready to capitalise on the Haze Craze!
  • And what beers and breweries get his hazy juices flowing.

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