Ep. 86 – Beer Nerds Unite! With Little Bang Brewing’s Co-Founders, Fil & Ryan.

Strap yourselves in, this is a long one!
On the back of a long lunch and some strange meetings that required them to taste test their own products, the boys are fully charged, have a lot of opinions, and want to share them with you!
The lads just took me on a fantastic voyage with this one, so much so that I threw away my notes and just ran with it!
These guys are knowledgeable, funny, nerdy and share so many insights that you beer nerds will love. Things like:
  • Why Commodore 64’s were awesome
  • How their advisors led them astray when setting up their business structure
  • Why all breweries should be steam driven
  • The economic realities of craft beer
  • The challenges of running a small business
  • How much stainless steel two mortgages can buy
  • Why they feel so strongly about creating a brand that doesn’t conform to a corporate look
  • And, why it’s a great idea to drink before you podcast!
They also share the origin story of their hype beer…Sludge Beast!
A seriously fun (and loose) session with the guys, I hope you enjoy our chat!

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