Ep. 87 – The Pro, The Protege & The Hack – A Brewer makes Wort, Yeast Makes Beer. With Dave Padden (Akasha) & Ben Miller (From Ben).

The wonderful world of yeast is the topic for discussion on this episode, and there is a lot to cover off on!
Among the piss taking and laughter, there are some serious bits of knowledge being dropped by the lads this week. In this episode, we cover:
  • Yeast flavours and aromas
  • Rules for yeast usage
  • Over pitching
  • Collecting and cleaning yeast
  • Starters vs rehydration
  • And the boys brewer crush on Steve Haumschild from Lanikai Brewing…wild yeast cultivator who we will get back on for a further discussion soon.
Dave also shares some insights on how he handles his yeast strains on a larger scale at Akasha Brewing.

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